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Creating greener, high performing battery materials

Global Nano Network Limited was incorporated in the United Kingdom by a group of scientists and business professionals who met working together in the field of nanotechnology. Today, we are developing new innovative materials for the energy storage industry. Our purpose is to enhance the performance of batteries  in a way that is sustainable, scalable and affordable. The unique processes and solutions we are working on have been designed to be compatible with green aqeous battery manufacturing to reduce the overall production cost and carbon emmissions. Stay tuned, we are only just getting started…


The mobile industry

Currently over 50% of battery demand comes from the mobile industry. With the rapid pace of growth in smartphones, wearables, IoT devices, AI and robotics machines an increase in energy storage requirements in unavoidable and these mobile devices will need better and cheaper battery systems. 

Mobility & EV

As the world shifts towards decarbonising the economy, Electric Vehicles have become a driving force within this roadmap of change. Whilst current battery packs have helped lead the way to remove many ICE vehicles off the streets, this industry is in desperate need of lighter, more efficient energy storage systems with better power density at an affordable price. This will help with range anxiety and increase overall EV adoption.  

GRID Storage

Renewable sources of energy like wind and solar have become mainstream across the globe, however the challenge lies in storing this energy with affordable battery storage systems. In places like California over 30% of green energy produced goes to waste as a result of this energy not being stored. Due to their size current grid level storage systems need to be fully equipped with sophisticated cooling, ventilation and management solutions to prevent any form of disaster due to the volatility of most current battery chemistries. A non-volatile, affordable and efficient battery system would revolutionise this industry.

About our solution

THinner materials

This is an image from our lead scientist using a micrometer to demonstrate the thickness of a component we are developing.   


Our primary focus is the environment and as a result we strive to only use materials that are abundantly renewable, safe and easily recyclable. Our goal is to reduce the energy requirements during production and reduce the overall carbon emmissions for the battery industry. 


Our diverse team has a wealth of knowledge and experience working with nanomaterials. Using these skills, we are constantly striving to push the boundaries of science to solve complex engineering integration problems for producing batteries. We achieve this by working not only with battery chemistry specialists but by involving other experitse during the innovation process. This has given us an advantage to explore and test a wider range of possibilities that have led to exciting opportunities.  


One of our competitive advantages is the combined experience within our team who have a profound understanding of end-to-end manufacturing and complex supply chains. This has enabled us to focus on the overall cost and scalability of our invention from the very beginning. With this mindset we have been able to establish relationships with raw material producers to understand the cost reduction and potential impact of our solution when implemented n a scaled environment. 

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Ravi Daswani



Juan Scott Chaves


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Dr. Sindy Chaves Noguera


Research Officer

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Systems Officer

Centetl Alvarado


Commercial Officer

Sanjay Daswani


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