Aqueous and Dry Powder Electrodes 


Leveraging HyperFoil® to enable a whole new generation of electrode production that completely eliminates the use of toxic solvents

Electrode manufacture

What is a current collector?

Current Collectors, one of the most important components in a battery, are responsible for the flow of electrons between the negative and the positive terminals of the battery (electrodes) which directly influence the charge duration and the useful lifespan of the cell.


Poor adhesion

High degradation and severe corrosion issues

High contact resistance


Our proposal is to do it better….

The main goal for this new current collector technology involves the use of natural binders and nanomaterials. This will increase the surface area, reduce the contact resistance, improve the adherence and at the same time develop a more efficient and low-cost manufacturing process in order to make the battery industry more competitive and sustainable for applications like electric vehicles, mobile devices and energy storage systems of high electrical performance.

How we achieve that….

Our technology involves the use of conductive nanoparticles for the fabrication of the coating slurry that is applied by a revolutionary and fast deposition process that takes only 15 seconds and that is not dependent on toxic and pollutant raw materials. GNN chemistry and manufacturing processes allow  for more control of the coating thickness, adherence quality and contact resistance of the slurry on the metal foil which is directly linked to the current collector properties.


GNN Current Collector features

High Capacity

High surface area that translates to high-capacity current collectors

Corrosion Resistance

Protects the metal foils from corrosion which increases the lifespan

Extremely Thin

Excellent thickness control of the coating


Made with eco-friendly and sustainable raw materials


Excellent adherence (+3X)


Outstanding electrochemical stability and performance (+4X)