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Transforming the battery industry one component at a time

Our mission is to develop an eco-friendly battery that meets all the current requirements of the next industrial revolution where one of the world’s major needs is to reduce the levels of CO2 emissions, the dependence on fossil fuels and the indiscriminate use of highly dangerous and polluting materials.

Our team is pursuing this mission by re-designing specific manufacturing methods used to produce the main components required for Lithium-ion and next generation batteries. We are combining these processes using a circular economy framework and greener battery formulations that can deliver high performance and stability.


Global Nano Network is solving battery power density and cycle life issues with HyperFoil®, a high-power current collector that is form factor and chemistry agnostic. We use sustainable materials and a 100% local supply-chain by working with global foil producers to provide cell manufacturers this critical component that will dramatically improve cell performance. Click here to learn more…

Creating Greener and High Performing Battery Formulations


Our diverse team came together a few years ago to explore how we could play a small role in preventing climate change by reducing the carbon footprint of the energy storage industry. Today, we are leveraging our skills in engineering, nanotechnology and electrochemistry to create new production techniques and formulations that are scalable, affordable, and compatible with green aqueous manufacturing. Stay tuned, we are only just getting started…

Juan Chaves

Chief Engineer

Dr. Sindy Chaves

Chief Scientist

Maria Jose Morera

Operations Director


Ben Coull

Brand & IP Advisor

Centetl Alvarado

Engineering Director

Les Gill

Chief Operating Officer


Sanjay Daswani

Chief Commercial Officer

Where ideas come to life


Securing our supply chain for Hyperfoil at DRUPA 2024

Securing our supply chain for Hyperfoil at DRUPA 2024

The Global Nano Network (GNN) team recently traveled to Düsseldorf, Germany, as part of the Innovate UK-funded Global Explorers Programme. This strategic trip aimed to explore potential collaborations with leading machinery producers worldwide. Our...

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We officially inaugurated our Innovation Lab

We officially inaugurated our Innovation Lab

Global Nano Network officially inaugurates GNN Innovation Lab on Wednesday 8th of November 2023. GNN strategically relocated at the Institute of Advanced Manufacturing & Engineering (AME) to leverage this industrially relevant eco-system to...

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