West Midlands, UK. Thanks to the Clean Futures program, Global Nano Network (GNN) collaborated with the Institute for Advanced Manufacturing & Engineering (AME) to develop a digital twin simulation model for the HyperFoil manufacturing process.

This innovative model allows GNN to replicate physical processes in a fully digital environment, enabling detailed process analysis and testing without the risk and expense associated with physical implementation.

Maria Jose Morera, Project Lead, stated, “The first digital model for the HyperFoil® manufacturing process has been created. This model includes a digital representation of each module within the entire manufacturing process, facilitating individual module analysis whenever modifications are required.”

The initial version of the model can measure energy consumption for each production module and calculate fluctuations in CO2 emissions generated by the current manufacturing process. This capability allows GNN to optimize the environmental impact and efficiency of producing each meter of current collector with the existing machinery design.