Global Nano Network officially inaugurates GNN Innovation Lab on Wednesday 8th of November 2023.

GNN strategically relocated at the Institute of Advanced Manufacturing & Engineering (AME) to leverage this industrially relevant eco-system to scale up HyperFoil®. With access to advanced sensor labs, metrology equipment and digital twinning capability, GNN is aiming to accelerate its route to market by working inside this Faculty on the Factory Floor.    

Ravi Daswani, CEO of Global Nano Network, said:

“This is an incredibly humbling moment for the business as we move into this new scale up facility located at the AME and beside Hyperbat a Joint Venture between Fortescue WAE and Unipart Manufacturing. We are extremely excited to be a part of this high value eco-system in the heart of the West Midlands and we look forward to establishing a long term relationships.”