In a bid to expand our horizons and tap into new markets, GNN has set its sights on the USA and is taking a strategic step by exploring opportunities across the Atlantic. The potential move comes as part of the company’s growth strategy, which involves seeking fresh avenues for expansion, investment, and global partnerships.

Having spoken to several key members from different states and cities from the US during UK bound delegations over the past 18 months, the team has developed a better understanding of what the requirements are to establish an entity in the United States.

To familiarize ourselves with the potential business prospects in the US, our team recently paid a visit to the City of Mentor (Ohio), part of the Cleveland metropolitan area and also relatively accessible to Detroit (Michigan), known as Motor City, a key hub for battery manufacturing and innovation. 

This visit served as an opportunity to get immersed in the American market and make connections with local business organizations, governmental bodies, and potential partners. We also had the chance to tour key business districts and industrial zones to get a first-hand feel of the City of Mentor and Cleveland.

The exploratory visit marks the beginning of an exciting journey into the US market. With the information and insights gathered during the visit, GNN will now embark on the next steps of its expansion plan, which may include securing partnerships, initiating legal procedures, and planning for long-term investments in the US. We remain optimistic about the prospects in the US and believe that this strategic move will not only contribute to our growth but also foster international cooperation and economic development in whichever American city is chosen.