The GNN team recently powered up their knowledge and network at The Battery Show in Novi near Detroit, also known as the Motor City. This premier event in the battery industry was an opportunity to explore cutting-edge technologies, forge connections, and inspire innovation.

The Battery Show showcased the latest in battery tech across the entire value chain. We saw first-hand the remarkable surge in interest regarding solvent-free electrode manufacturing, a development that closely aligns with the pioneering vision of GNN.  We also witnessed how greener chemistries such as Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) are also emerging as a key driver in the industry’s transformation with companies such as Our Next Energy (O.N.E) paving the path for the adoption of greener electrochemical solutions.  We are excited about the possibilities of working with companies like O.N.E. to prove that HyperFoil can enhance the performance and lifespan of LFP cells aiding mass market adoption. Finally, we clearly saw that this revolutionary approach is not only advancing greener chemistries but also contributing to the broader transition towards a circular economy and sustainable recycling practices with several companies demonstrating their capabilities in creating more cost effective and energy optimised solutions to the recycling problem. Our next step is to see how our products can be integrated into the existing ecosystem and help truly deliver a more sustainable battery industry.

Our team members left The Battery Show with fresh insights and renewed enthusiasm, reinforcing our commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation in our field. This event was a pivotal step toward our goal of providing efficient, sustainable, and environmentally friendly solutions to our customers.