Global Nano Network Limited is thrilled to have participated in the #BatteryTechGBIP held in Japan, thanks to Innovate UK / Innovate UK EDGE London. As one of the select few UK companies chosen to represent the country’s dedication to leading the future of #batterytech, we were honored to share our innovative technology with Japanese companies seeking to form cross-border partnerships and accelerate the adoption of #battery technologies to achieve their net-zero objectives.

The opportunity to understand the Japanese landscape and establish strong relationships with the other members of the UK delegation was a pleasure. We were delighted to connect with like-minded companies from the UK who are also committed to paving the path towards a #greener and more #sustainable planet.

Our team would like to express our sincere gratitude to Christina Kraipalidou, Nicola Penfold, Thomas Bartlett, and Oyebola Bello from Innovate UK for making this trade mission a resounding success. We look forward to continuing our mission to drive innovation and support the global transition to a cleaner and more sustainable future.